The local area

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The local area offers plenty to do for all the family:

  • Trout Fishing (take home and BBQ)
  • Lakes with beaches, Zip Wires
  • Go-Ape type tree climbing
  • Many Chateaux (Richard the Lionheart route)
  • Fantastic underground Caves (with boat ride!)
  • Insect World
  • Zoo
  • Adventure park
  • Aquarium
  • Local walks

Hautefort Chateau

The castle of Hautefort is full of treasures : you can discover fortifications, underground, chambers, passages and apartments richly furnished and have fun (a game book is for sale at the ticket office).

The French gardens around the castle and the English park give the family the opportunity to stroll and to take advantage of the exceptional views of the surrounding countryside

La Cite des Insectes

Entomological discovery center (science devoted to the study of insects), the City of Insects, established in 1994 offers a world of discovery of six-legged critters with different approaches. Exploration of the evolution of insects and their relation to man and the environment. The entomological collection contains some 10,000 specimens of insects, beetles, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, stick insects …

These insects come from Limousin for most, but some specimens are from faraway places like Africa, America and Asia.

Gouffre de Padirac

Situated in the Lot département, in Quercy Perigord, the Gouffre de Padirac is a natural chasm 75 metres deep and 33 metres in diameter which is open to the air on the Causse de Gramat Lot, below it, 103 metres deep, a river flows. Édouard Alfred Martel, explored 2,400 metres of this in July 1889, accompanied by Louis Armand, Emile Foulquier and Gabriel Gaupillat. The underground river is reached using lifts or staircases, and then you are taken on a strange 500-metre long boat trip 103 metres under the earth. After disembarking at the Rain Lake, you are taken on a guided tour of the Great Caves with formations finely wrought by billions of drops of water.

Pre-book your tickets to avoid the long queues: click here

St Yrieix la Perche Swimming Pool

Great new swimming pool complex in local town. Main, swirling, kids pools & outside pool & slide.

Also the sport hall has events on during the holidays – great bouncy castle event one year – room full of bouncy castles and adults allowed in.

Limoges Aquarium

“The Limousin Aquarium was originally an underground water reservoir belonging to the town of Limoges and was built in 1881 to avoid cholera epidemics. After a particularly harsh winter in 1956, which froze the drainage system, it fell into disrepair until, towards the end of the 80’s, the local Aquarim Club moved in. Finally, with help of the local community, the Limousin Aquarium was opened to visitors on 6th June 1993.”

Great to visit combined with the Cathedral, with lunch in the old town…

Great lake complex, ideal to spend a day at the beach. Feeling adventurous, try the Zip Wire across the lake, or climb the trees like Go-Ape, VeloRail, kids climbing area, Mini-Golf, fishing… lots to do and only 20 minutes away…

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